See that little guy up there? His name is Commander Video and he’s your new best friend.

A small studio called Gaijin Games has been releasing a series of wonderful retro style games for WiiWare called the Bit.Trip series. They’re simple, challenging, fun, and did I mention challenging? Each game is based around rhythm in one way or another. The first is called Bit.Trip BEAT and its basically a rhythmic version of Pong. Dots of all shapes and sizes come at you from the right side of the screen and you deflect them back with your little rectangle of justice. Its simple, but within a few moments you’ll understand why its awesome. Complimented by a soundtrack with credits including Bit Shifter (more of him later) the game creates a vibe that’s virtually unmatched by any other game today.

The second title in the series is called Bit.Trip CORE. While this is probably the weakest entry in the series, its by no means a bad game. It takes the same basic concept of BEAT and basically makes you play 4 games at once. You’re a little + in the middle of the screen and dots fly everywhere. Its your job to press the right direction/button combo to eliminate the dots. VERY hard, but quite rewarding.

Next is Bit.Trip VOID. This is more of an action puzzle game. You play a black hole. There are white dots and black dots. The more black dots you collect the bigger your black hole gets. The bigger the black hole, the more points its worth when you press the “cash in” button. The problem is that if you touch just one white dot you lose all accumulated points. So its a constant gamble on how big you let your void get before you hit the button to get that high score.

Finally you get Bit.Trip RUNNER (pictured above). This is my favorite. Its a rhythm platformer where you play as Commander Video. He’s always running forward and all you do is jump, slide, kick and block. It’s style and music (assisted by Anamanaguchi) is a sight to behold. It has references to Pitfall! abound as well as this wonderful Atari 2600/Activision look that’s undeniably cool. This game owned me for about 2 weeks and I wouldn’t have it an other way.

Long story short, buy these games. They’re cheap and unlike anything you’ve played before. Studios like this deserve all the attention they can get.

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