Official Green Hornet trailer

Well shit. I don’t know how I feel about that. On the one hand, I really do like Seth Rogen. He’s hasn’t really shown much depth as an actor but I’ve learned over the years to give people, especially comedic actors, the benefit of the doubt when trying new things, see Carrey, Jim. However, this is an action-comedy, an actimedy?, so perhaps his acting chops won’t be tested all that much. On the other hand, is the above trailer true to Green Hornet stories? Not really; at least not to me. I’ve never read Green Hornet as silly. Snarky maybe, not goofy. That being said, I find it strangely compelling. I’ll see it. Hell, I know already that I’ll like it. Comedy, Kung-Fu, gadets, cool cars, shit blowing up? I’m there and enjoying myself; I’m easy. Will it be good though? From the look of the trailer, probably not. And also, can we please fucking stop with the slowed down action pieces! They have become the bane of my action movie experience. Enough already!


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