Back to Saturn!

The Saturn was an odd beast.

Yesterday was my birthday and I decided that the best way to spend the final few hours was to go to my basement and pull out the ol’ Sega Saturn. Let me tell you, some of these classics haven’t aged well. I started with the brilliant NiGHTS: Into Dreams. This one looked and sounded just like I remembered it. This game is beautiful in almost every regard, and it makes me all that much more sad that the Wii sequel NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams kinda sucked. Sonic Team used to be a talented studio. Its such a shame NiGHTS will probably not see another sequel. Sigh…

I then turned to the first Panzer Dragoon. I thought I was going to throw up. Seriously, this game is UGLY. Now, bear in mind I’m talking about one of my favorite game franchises here when I say this. It still plays like a dream, but holy cow the graphics. Just wow.

So I turned to Panzer Dragoon II: Zwei. Now that’s the Saturn I remember. This game holds up just fine. The second stage where you jump off the cliff and determine if your baby dragon can fly or not? Priceless.

It was at about this time where my fiance started to fall asleep so I decided to move on to N64. But for a while there the Saturn was once again king of my TV. I didn’t put it back in the basement yet as I’d still like to mess around with Burning Rangers, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Street Fighter Alpha 2, and a handful of others. the point here is that the Saturn was a very interesting point in gaming history. I truly wish there was a good way for more people to experience it  today, but emulation of the damn thing is crazy difficult and finding a working system is even harder. Hey Nintendo: Saturn on Virtual Console?

PS. Gotta love how Sega was trying to pass off the blocky graphics as an art style choice in that add above!

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