AT&T in Clifton, you’re a bunch of a**holes.

Not much time here, but I feel the need to explain something.

I got the new iPhone 4 and its a thing of beauty. It seriously trounces my old iPhone in every way I can determine. SO FAR. The problem here is that these guys at the AT&T store on Route 3 in Clifton neglected to give me several key bits of information before I bought my phone.

1. “Even though you reserved it, it won’t be here till we email you.” Yes. I preordered the hone and when I left the guy told me to just come in on the 24th 1st thing and I’d get my phone. So I made my schedule that day to have off that morning and work that night. My phone got there at about 4. I was at work. It was nothing short of a miracle that I made it there before they closed. Thanks for screwing with my whole day. Dicks.

2. “It requires Mac OSX 10.5 or higher to sync.” If you’re not a mac fag like me, you may not see why this is important to know ahead of time. I bought my mac before ¬†Leopard came out and I never felt the need to upgrade to 10.5 because my current OSX works like a dream. I heard 10.5 was better, but I’m a simple man and I just didn’t want to spend $30. For anyone who bought a mac recently, they already have this update. Not me. So why not just download the update and move on? Because the update isn’t available as a download. I needed to buy the disc. So now I’m waiting for this disc to show up in the mail before I can get all my apps and contacts synced with my shiny new phone. Had someone asked me about this earlier, I wouldn’t have this problem.

I could go on, but I have to go to work. So I’ll close with this:

Clifton AT&T store, go f**k yourselves.

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