That’s a lot of “photos”

Really Seagate. Who the fuck do you think you’re kidding? A 3TB, that’s terabyte as in 3,000 gigabytes, external hard drive? Who the fuck needs that? How many goddamn photos could one person possibly have. Or mp3’s or movies? What this actually signifies is that BluRay burners and drives are going to get a lot more affordable in the near future. There really is no other reason to have a drive this big for home use unless you plan on “backing up” the BluRay’s you already own. Seriously, this is a media pirate’s wet dream. As an aside, this thing won’t quite work as easily as unPnP devices usually do. You are going to have to set up partitions on your drive and cannot use this as your main HDD. Regardless, for $249.99 for a USB 2.0 version with USB 3. due later, that’s a lot of room.


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