Video Dropbox – 7/29/10

posted by GW Dan

video releases for 7/29/10. Some really cool stuff this week. Here we go.

A documentary about The Doors narrated by Johnny Depp and authorized by the remaining members of the band?  Yes please.  The Doors are one of the few musical acts that I am sad I will never have the opportunity to see live.  I love their music immensely.  However, with what I know about The Doors and Jim Morrison in particular, perhaps it is better that I will never get the chance to be disappointed by their live show.  Make no mistake, as brilliant as he was, Jim Morrison was a drunken ass most of the time.  This documentary has a ton of footage, both behind the scenes and live, of the lizard king acting like that weird kid at your college kegger.  Most of the footage here will be familiar to viewers.  It may be new but it’s what you expect.  That being said, Depp on narration makes this a solid pick this week for fans of the band and the myth.

John Cusack does not do bad work, ever.  He may be in some things that are not great but he is never bad.  He may be the most criminally underrated actor of the current generation.  His co-stars in this, Rob Cordey, Craig Robinson, and Clark Duke are mostly second string performers that you see on screen and say, “Hey.  It’s that guy from that thing that one time.  He was funny.”  Not the most ringing endorsement I suppose but not bad as far as a career is concerned.  Going in to this movie you should have a pretty good idea what is going to happen.  One guy got dumped, one is a party-animal, one has a controlling wife, one is a video game nerd.  After a long night of drinking they find themselves transported back to 1986.  Hijinks ensue as the men try to fix their futures.

This film is the first in a planned series of novel adaptations.  I have not seen this yet, it’s in the queue, but I have read the novels.  And I absolutely loved them.  They are pure fun on the page.  If the filmmakers have managed to translate have of the novel to the screen, I’m sure this will be great.  Will it be Harry Potter great, who knows.  That’s not really up to me to decide but I don’t think there will be a theme park based on this series.  Although there should be.  The basic story, Greek gods are still around and having kids that go to a Greek god kid camp and train, is simple on the surface.  There is a ton of betrayal, comedy, love, and action along the way.  I’m excited and hope the rest of the series gets made.

I have no idea what this is but I want it.  Made in 1975 it is a film about two girls sleeping their way across the country.  Yes please.

A reality horror movie from the Suicide Girls?  I suppose this is worth a peek.  It would probably be better to just join the site and get your fix of nude, tattooed girls that way.  Just sayin…

Finally this week, Versus.  Good versus evil.  Gun totting, katana wielding badasses versus zombies.  Really, what more could you possibly want?  All in glorious high definition.

As always, I’m sure I missed some things.  Leave a comment and let me know what else I should check out.


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