Oh those crazy kids…

posted by GW Dan

Hey, have you ever wanted to know what those crazy kids are talking about?  Ever see a text message from a young person and think, “Well what the fuck does that mean?”  Well fear no more.  Presented for you is this highly accurate (read: utter dogshit) list of what those wacky kids are saying.

(click for bigger, more translatey version)

Looking over this list gives me pause.  How can you write an article and not know what half the shit you are translating means?  That’s just bad reporting.  However, retrosexual made me laugh.  That’s really funny and I’m going to try and work it into my daily conversations.

PS – Fap means to jerk off, not drunk.  Don’t want any readers to embarrass themselves at a party trying to sound hip and instead coming off like a douche.  You’re welcome.


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