The galaxy is at peace? Really?

So, the reviews for the new Metroid game are out and they’re kinda all over the place. I’ve read a bunch of them and I have to say I couldn’t be more excited to play it. Sounds to me that the folks that reviewed it poorly are disliking things that other reviewers are calling successes. I’m choosing to have faith.

The fact that the game is being criticized for trying something new by the same people that criticize Nintendo for always doing the same thing is mind boggling. I, for one, applaud them for taking risks. Take the above video. When was the last time Nintendo put that kind of ad together for anything?

Still, I’ll never understand the choice to refuse people control options. The main thing reviewers are complaining about is that the control scheme is wonky. And to be honest, it looks as much. Now, I fully understand Nintendo’s decision to make a control scheme for a modern game that’s simple enough for anyone, but it would have been so easy and effective to include just simple Nunchuck support. Smash Bros. is playable with just a Wii Remote, but it plays better with a controller. Mario Kart Wii, same story. Its the fact that they have the control options that make them truly for everyone. Making only the most simple controls the only option alienates people, which is counterintuitive to the point they’re trying to make. I still wish Punch-Out!! Wii had Classic Controller support.

But I digress. The fact of the matter here is that there’s a new Metroid game coming out in just a few short days. I have mine preordered and all paid off. I plan to welcome Samus back into my life with open arms.

Tuesday can’t come soon enough.

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