This Universe is Hiding Something

So, Capcom released a new trailer for Mega Man Universe today. Well, it actually released 3. Turns out they sent different versions of the same trailer to different sites and the results make me think this game has WAY more to show us. The first one I looked at had Mega Man looking kind of skinny and weird. It looked like a new 2D Mega Man game with 3D graphics. Looked okay, but there was something just too weird about what I was seeing. So I looked at the next one and it was basically the same trailer but with a different character model of Mega Man. This time they actually called him Rock Man (his japanese name). Then I watched the 3rd one and the Mega Man was “Bad Box Art Mega Man“. Then top it all off with it basically saying you can play as Ryu from Street Fighter and my interest is officially piqued. From a basic standpoint, as of right now, it looks like crap. But I have  a feeling that is the intention here. Between this and the original claymation trailer (above), it’s safe to assume something is up. This is going to turnout to be something special. In Capcom I trust.

Posted by CaptainK 923


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