Hip Hop album of the year?

posted by GW Dan

It is no secret that the music industry is in a bad place.  With the economy turning to shit, the proliferation of artists able to get their music out via the web, and the ease of gaining access to digital content, there really is an air of change or die.  And the music industry simply refuses to do so.  They continue to turn out the same schlock that continues to get gobbled up at a decent, if somewhat unsustainable, clip.  Instead of promoting new, promising, acts we continue to get feed a constant rehash of the same old thing, see Lady Gaga/Madonna/Cher/et al.

But underneath the glitz and sheen of the MTV sponsored nonsense there exists a unbelievable scene in most genres of music.  One of the best undergrounds scenes is Hip Hop.  And this is real Hip Hop not money/cars/bitches/drugs rap.  Mainstream rap music is one of the very worst offenders.  It is nothing than the same beat over and over again with the same lyrics.  And those lyrics are entirely devoid of substance.  They are interchangeable, the worst thing music can be.  BUT, there is hope.  Check out Aesop Rock.  Check out Q-Unique, or Shinsight Trio, or Murs, or any number of underground artists and be blown away by the quality of their output.  Think to yourself, “Self, why isn’t this on the radio?  Why do I have to suffer through Lil’ Wayne, or Flocka, or Drake?”

A lot of great albums have hit this year.  I’ll cover them in an end of the year post sometime in December.  For now, I offer unto you what I believe will be THE top Hip Hop record this year.  Qwel and Maker – Owl hit stores on 9/14/10 through Galapagos4 records.  It is very, very good.  Every track is solid.  My personal favorites are “El Camino” and “The Game”.  Give the tracks a listen and if you dig them, buy the record.  Support these guys because the majors won’t.  It’s up to us, the intelligent consumer, to send a message.

El Camino


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