Because it rhymes, that’s why.

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Today marks the 10th anniversary of one of the most important things I’ve ever done. It is a matter of fact that my life wouldn’t be what it is today had it not been for the events of September 23rd, 2000. What happened? Well here’s some backstory first.

I’ve been interested in music for the better portion of my life. But it wasn’t until I met a friend named Justin that I started really taking it seriously and creating music of my own. Justin introduced me to a program called Impulse Tracker. With this program Justin taught me how to make the music I heard in my head into something everyone could hear. I got to work straight away and created some simple but catchy tunes. I wanted to post my stuff on the internet but I needed a name. Something interesting, something flawed. I remembered that a few days earlier I had been riding my brand new bike around and one of the pedals broke off, launching me off the bike and scraping my leg. The first thing that came out of my mouth (after a few choice expletives) was “Great. What good is a one pedaled bike? Hey, that’s a pretty good band name!” And so I decided that was it. I would call myself One Pedaled Bike.

And so it went until I met another friend named Jim who taught me to play guitar. Opening up my musical arsenal led me to meet several other people, including the 2 who would eventually form the 3 piece band version of One Pedaled Bike. We were good, or at least as good as 3 weird white kids could be back then, and we had so much fun. We played some local shows, got a few fans, saved up our money and decided to record our first and only studio album. We practiced day in and day out to make sure we didn’t waste a single minute of our very expensive studio time and we went in with guns loaded. Day one we recorded a few songs with the plan to finish the rest the next day, but before we left we got a quick mix down of the track “After All” so we had something to listen to after our hard days work. I can’t even begin to explain the pride I felt listening to that recording. Here’s a song that came out of my head and was now an honest to goodness rock and roll song to play for my friends and family. I could barely sleep that night as I thought about what it would be like to hear the rest of the album come together. And this was only the beginning. We had so many other songs we were still working on. We’d do this EP, save up and release out first full length LP “Back Seat Theater” named after our time goofing off riding around in the back seat of our friend’s car. However, the next day was not what we had expected.

The studio tech went to load up the files so we could finish them off and the whole thing was corrupted. This was a blessing in disguise though because we already had “After All” finished. The studio gave us our recording time back for free and we used it to add an additional track. Again, we played our hearts out, even better than last time, and when all was said and done the tech burned us a master CD and wrote OPB923 on the top for “One Pedaled Bike, September 23rd”. We thought it was catchy, because it rhymed, and decided to name our album “923”.  We went ahead and did a photo shoot and sent the whole thing off to be pressed  with real CD cases, shrink wrap, and all. Seeing that final product that we created, there’s nothing quite like it. There really isn’t.

The record itself is one of my favorites of all time. It has this perfect quality that is so rare to find. It’s just the 3 of us (and one of our dads as the bass player) and that’s exactly what it sounds like. Completely honest and 100% special. I still listen to this record to this day and I’m so proud to say I was a part of it. I’ve left the names of my other 2 band members out because I’ve come to understand that they don’t look back on this music as fondly as I do. As the band got older things got more and more complicated. Some amazing and beautiful music was written, but some convoluted and over complicated music did as well. 2/3 of the band thought that was the direction to take, and I always felt left behind. For me, when I started OPB, I wanted to tell a simple story. The music I love the best isn’t super complicated, its honest and beautiful. Simplicity can be so compelling when its honest, which is why I still adore this record, and all the stuff we did as OPB. The other members have both gone on to do wonderful things with their lives and talents since, so I certainly don’t mean any disrespect, but for my money this album is solid gold, and one of the most important things I’ve ever done with my life.

For the last several years I’ve been lucky to be involved an a few music projects. I formed a new sort of band called 4square where I rewrote some old OPB material as well as some new stuff with my friend and arch nemesis Dan. I’m also currently the drummer for Schocholautte, which is amazing in every way. While these projects have kept me going in a musical sense, I’ve always wanted to finish what I started with One Pedaled Bike. With the closing of Geocities, almost all remnants of the band have been erased from the internet, but I plan to change that.

On its 10th anniversary today, I’d like to formally announce that I plan to finish “Back Seat Theater” as One Pedaled Bike. I’m taking back that name and somehow, someday that album will be finished. It won’t be soon, as I have so very much else to do, but I’m saying it here and now that before I die I will record and finish that record, and it will make me a very happy man. The current goal is to have it done within the next 5 years. I have no illusions of grandure here, as I have no intention of putting it on iTunes or pressing CD’s or anything like that. I’m not starting a band to tour, I just want to do this for me. Scratch that, I need to do this for me. To my ex-band mates, if there is any of our old music that you consider off limits please let me know. You know how to contact me.

I picked up my guitar for the first time in quite a while, so the first steps have been taken. I have no earthly idea where I will be on 9/23/2015, but wherever I am, I will have a copy of Back Seat Theater with me.


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  1. I am quite honored by this.

  2. Thanks Justin!

  3. Viva OPB for better or worse. Bring it back with integrity and rock on!

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