Donkey Kong Jr. Math Reference In DKC Returns?

I noticed something when looking at one of the more recent screenshots of Donkey Kong Country Returns. Way in the background, there’s an 8-bit Donkey Kong on top of a mountain. He’s holding a Wii Remote over his head, and wearing a tie, but other than that, that pose looked familiar, but not from Donkey Kong. After a few minutes I realized where I had seen it before: Donkey Kong Jr. Math. There are some slight differences, but it is without a doubt the same sprite. Am I crazy?


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  1. It looks the same to me. And that is awesome!

  2. The Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D contains some action packed adventures, with dynamic 3D graphics combined. Still have to roll those barrels and gather banana’s while swinging through the jungle so not much changes there. I saw one review that said the game was challenging but not challenging enough to frustrate you. Interesting!
    The biggest addition to the game is the easier difficulty level called “New Mode”. is still great to play With the 3D version you can buy a handful of special items that take the edge off the more unforgiving elements.

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