Tom Brier Is a Name You Should Know

Earlier this morning, my friends over at The Nerdfit Network introduced me to a couple of videos that blew my mind. I’m almost always a fan of musicians putting their own spin on video game music, as I’m a huge fan of the genre, especially the classics. What I saw today was not only unlike anything I had seen before, but impressive on several levels.

This gentleman has some serious skill.

The man you see above is Tom Brier. He is a ragtime pianist, and he doesn’t know anything about video games. He is however, an incredibly gifted “sight-reader.” What that means is that he can play a piece of music the first time he looks at a sheet of music, and he can play it well. A friend of his decided it would be interesting to write up some sheet music to some old Nintendo games, and see what Tom could do with them. The results are amazing. Each video of his features a different song, and Tom giving it a go on his first attempt. There are some sour notes in the beginning, but once this man gets into the groove, there’s no stopping him. There’s even an instance where the rest of his ragtime band likes the tune so much that they join in on the fun.

What this shows is that video game music can truly transcend the medium. The limitations of older hardware created the necessity for composers to write some very strong melodies, and they hold up well to this day. It also never ceases to amaze me just how versatile this music can be, with covers ranging from acoustic guitars, to heavy metal, to even ragtime. Mr. Brier, today, you are my hero.

I’ve included a few of my favorites below.


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  1. You forgot this one. One of the happiest tunes I’ve ever heard. Full of childhood memories too!

  2. He’s amazing, love his ragtime take on the animaniacs theme and the ghost and goblins version is truly amazing.

  3. He is just legendary! he should be the best piano player on the planet earth or even in the outer space! when the first time i saw his video, it did really blow my mind! he is my hero as well, sometimes when I am feeling bad or sick of something in my life, his video can always take me out of it!

  4. Sorry posted the wrong thing

  5. what would be a good way to contact Tom? I’m working on a project that he may help make better. Thanks!

  6. HE is the best piano player in the world and he Deserves it

  7. Fun fact: although he has published several albums, Tom Brier professional occupation is not playing the piano, he actually works as a software developer. Apparently he can’t get enough of pressing keys.

  8. Unfortunately I had an accident and is on wheel chair. I pray for a complete recovery

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