We have our Uncle Ben!

Yesterday, Marvel Studios confirmed the hiring of Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben in Marc Webb’s upcoming Spider-Man remake/reboot.  Personally, I think this is a fantastic choice.  Mr. Sheen is a terrific actor and has, at this point in his career, a natural grandfatherly charm.  I’ve always viewed Ben and May as grandparents to Peter.  Perhaps that has to do with my own upbringing and relationship with my Aunts/Uncles.  But, that serves to underscore the very heart of Spider-Man.  These characters can be anyone to anybody.  You could even be Spidey!

Based on the Ultimate Spider-Man artwork, Sheen is just about perfect.

Rumors are also circulating that Sally Field is almost a lock for Aunt May.

I don’t personally love this choice if it indeed turns out to be true.  My feelings have nothing to do with Field as an actress.  Far from it.  I believe her to be a wonderful actress capable of some truly tender, heart-warming performances. (see Gump, Forrest)  However, my heart has been set on Meryl Streep for the role.  In my opinion, she would absolutely knock it out of the park.  She is possibly the finest working actress and would be able to nail the tender hard-ass that May has to be.

Field looks to be a lock and there haven’t been many rumors about any other actress up for the role.  But Sheen came out of left field so Streep could as well.

What do you think?  Leave a comment and spread the word.


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