Green Lantern trailer!

I really want to like this film.  Honestly, I do.  I am a huge GL fan.  The GL stable of books is currently one of the very best on the market in both writing and art.  The potential for a truly great franchise is there just waiting to be realized.  But, this is Warner Bros. we are talking about.  While they certainly have handled some franchises remarkably well, Harry Potter and the Nolan Batman films for example, there are others that unequivocally fell short of expectations, the Superman reboot/sequel and the Matrix trilogy come to mind.  That being said Green Lantern is basically an outer space buddy cop movie.  That’s a pretty hard premise to screw up.  I don’t love the casting of Ryan Reynolds as Hal.  I like Reynolds enough, just not as a guy who possesses ultimate willpower.  The CG looks good for characters like Kilowog and Abin Sur but the costume still looks terrible to me.  Judge for yourself in the trailer below.


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