Spike VGA trailer debuts

This weekend saw the latest attempt by Spike to make a Video Game award show matter.  As big a gamer as I am, I just don’t care.  There is really nothing engaging to me present in the whole thing.  The trailers, which we will discuss down below, can be seen online minutes after the show airs.  That means I still get to see the excellent new titles without having to sit through an awards show.  Neil Patrick Harris notwithstanding, I will continue to abstain.

But the trailers I hear you asking.  What new pieces of visual goodness debuted at the show.  Well, there were quite a few actually.  What I am presenting here a simply the ones I care most about.  The others, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Prototype 2, etc. were fine, just not all that exciting IMO.

SSX: Deadly Descent

While no gameplay is show, I cannot help but be excited.  It’s SSX so you know what you are going to get; insane tricks down a really fast mountain track.  As basic as it is, and really most games are, I have always loved the SSX franchise.  The original was one of the first games I got for my PS2, thanks Mimi, and I played the hell out of it.  Tricky was loaned to me by my friend Travis for months and SSX3 was in constant rotation during college with my roommates.  It is absolute fun.  Frustrating at times sure but mostly a blast.  The tricks are simple in their complex arrangements.  The graphics move at a good clip and the animation is spot on.  The only complaint I ever had was with the announcer.  Irritating as all get out but easily ignored once you got going down the mountain.  This one looks to be even more insane.  I can only hope that the core gameplay isn’t altered too much for this franchise relaunch.

Mortal Kombat (Kratos reveal)

Oh Mortal Kombat.  You’ve done it again.  I know I said I was through with you.  And I thought I meant it I really did.  I like MK vs DC just fine.  But your gameplay has grown tired.  MK2 is still one of the highlights of the fighting game genre.  It is absolutely the tops in the series.  But your combo system kind of sucks really.  You don’t have much to offer me.  Street Fighter will always be the greatest fighting game IMO and if I am looking for something a little different than Soul Caliber is where I usually end up.  But now you’ve gone and added Kratos to the mix.  Along with a promise to refine and improve the gameplay plus a return to the more serious roots that gave rise to a phenomenon I am now officially interested again.  There is no Playstation character better than Kratos.  He defines the platform and is one of the reasons I am a PS guy and not an Xbox guy.  Please let this be good.

Batman: Arkham City

Confession time.  How many of you thought Arkham Asylum was going to be one of the best games of last year?  Anyone thinking, “Hey that’s me” is a stone cold liar.  Everyone was hopeful it would be good.  Nobody thought it would be great.  It is one of the most pleasant surprise I have ever had playing games.  The sequel looks to build on the strong foundation lain by its predecessor and continue to redefine what a Batman experience can be like.  The inclusion of Hugo Strange as a main protagonist is a welcome addition.  I have always felt that he was criminally under appreciated in the comics.  As long as a few minor improvements are made to the game, namely the fighting system and total lack of reason to lay through using anything other than “detective view”, Arkham City will certainly be another fantastic entry in this burgeoning franchise.


While this game trailer shows us really nothing other than the fact that it will be out sometime in 2013, it is a horror game done by Guillermo Del Toro.  Do you really need anything else?


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