Look out here comes the Sp…..who the hell is that?

This new picture of the “Spiderman” costume for the new and improved (by improved I mean more Twilighty) Spiderman movie has hit the interspace and… by the chin of Bruce the Great  shoot me now. This suit looks like it was designed for the 1970’s live action tv show in a drug induced writing binge but no one sobered up in time to realize it’s awful. The net is aflame with people saying they love it because it has that “Ben Reilly” feel to it. HAS THE PLANET GONE  FUCKING MAD. Am I the only person that remembers that the clone saga was absolutely dreadful. There are certain things it’s ok the feel nostalgic about, the clone saga is not one of those things. Ben Reilly was an ass, I  pray to Vishnu that this suit disintegrates just  like he did.


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Is here to save you from the droll. Brought here from the future by futuristic Zombie hunting bananas, he is here to steer you away from the other lemmings.

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  1. GEEKwriter: Captain K

    I’m still choosing to hold out some hope for a few reasons here. First, this is a stuntman suit that has a lot of detail missing. We’ve seen what the finalized top half looks like, and while it’s not perfect, it’s far from being an abomination. Second, so long as the writing’s good, a few inconsequential color/pattern alterations to the legs and arms don’t mean a thing. It can not, and I mean PHYSICALLY CAN NOT be worse than Spiderman 3. Just like Green Lantern, I’m reserving final judgement on the suit until I see it in action on the big screen.

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