These guys are not only on the prowl, but sources say they are loose.

The Toy Fair of London was today and Bandai had a first look at the character designs for the new Thundercats. I  fucking love it. There. That’s it. Now, I  also may be a tad biased as Thundercats IS and will always be MY 80’s cartoon.  I was a  little too young to truly be crazy for Transformers, a little too straight for He-man 😉 and G.I. Joe…I mean seriously people. Why does anyone fucking like G.I. Joe, but I digress. Back to the Thundercats.  I love that Panthro looks like he stole the syringes of every baseball player dosing right now and took all the shots himself. Cheetara somehow looks like some young female out of a henati that is going to be accosted by the first tree she walks by and I could not be happier.  Above all else though I think Lion-O looks fantastic, I know a lot of people are going to think he looks too young, but if you remember correctly he is supposed to be a child that gets rapidly aged into adolescence and I think they did an amazing job making him look young. Overall I think it looks great I am extremely stoked, oh I did not bother showing the toys because quite frankly they look like french fried asshole.


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