New Cloak and Dagger ongoing!

Announced at Kapow!, Nick Spencer and Emma Rios will be launching a new Cloak and Dagger series for Marvel.  Spencer, currently working on a ton of books including Morning Glories, Infinite Vacation, and Iron Man 2.0, is one of the biggest rising starts in comics.  He is a recent Marvel exclusive and a serious talent.  I don’t know much if Rios’ work but remember her from the Strange mini a few years back.  Her work seems to fit very well with the Cloak and Dagger side of New York.

Strange  #1 - Comic Book Cover

Cloak and Dagger are two of my absolute favorite Marvel characters.  Ever since I was a kid I thought they were just plain cool and have wanted more of them.  Joey Q always said that they would do a new Cloak and Dagger book when they got the right pitch and team.  I am super stoked for this!


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