Help Release Portal 2 Early!

Okay, Valve has gone and done it. They have done something so incredibly cool that they have solidified themselves as one of the coolest gaming companies around. In an unprecedented level of awesomeness, Valve has announced that GLADOS from Portal will allow the early release of the hotly anticipated Portal 2 via Steam if enough people play some of the best indie games on the market today. No kidding.

As if the mere existence of Portal 2 wasn’t cool enough, if you go to and download what they’re calling “The Potato Sack” Valve will release Portal 2 early on Steam. This set includes the excellent Bit.Trip BEAT and Super Meat Boy, among others. Seriously, for such a high profile game to give this huge a spotlight to indie developers is outstanding. It really is an everybody wins situation. (Except for those of us that decided they’d get the game on Xbox 360). Still, this is too cool for words.

Valve, you rule.


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