DC post Flashpoint

For those of you not following any current DC or comics news, they are currently running a summer event called Flashpoint. Issue 2 is slated to hit tomorrow, 6/1/11, so you still have time to catch up. The gist of the story is this, something strange is happening in the world of the Flash. Nothing is as it should be. Characters are different. People long dead are suddenly back and running around in tights. And NOTHING will ever be the same. At least, that is what DC is promising. And for once it looks like they may be telling the truth. In a bold move, DC will be relaunching their entire lineup with new number one’s starting in September. All new creative teams, all new continuity. The only number one nit shipping in September will be Justice League #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee! The new Justice League book ships the last Wednesday of August along with Flashpoint #6. The lineup for the book will be the big guns, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Aquaman. The characters will be getting redesigned costumes to go along with the new continuity.
The final piece of the post Flashpoint DC is the publisher’s commitment to day and date digital distribution. And it’s about time.

Look, all of this sounds great to me. It honestly does. I have always been a Marvel guy, ever since I was a wee tot. I love the DC characters a ton, but have never been able to get into their books on a regular basis. I applaud this strategy. To me, this is what is needed for characters over 60 years old that have been through Crisis after Crisis. I hope it sticks and we get new relationships and new angles on old themes. It has potential. It can be great. I hope it is.


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