Torchwood: Miracle Day trailer!

Torchwood, the amazing spin off from Doctor Who, has a new season debuting 7/8/11 on Starz. If you are completely unfamiliar with Torchwood the brass tacks version is this: They are a British special ops unit unsanctioned by the government but relied on to investigate the alien and off-center. The team is led by Capt. Jack Harkness, a former Time Agent made immortal by Rose Tyler and the time vortex in the season 1 finale of the rebooted Doctor Who. All of Torchwood is available on Netflix as a Watch Instantly selection and deserve your full attention. Season 3 in particular is possibly the best 5 episodes of serialized television I have ever seen. I highly suggest you check out all 3 seasons, 31 episodes total, before you dive into this new season. However, according to showrunner Russell T Davies, season 4 will be a complete jumping on point for those wholly unfamiliar with the show and its universe. Either way, check out the trailer and leave a comment below.


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