Iron Fist and Dr. Strange to get new series?

Marvel comics are currently knee deep in their summer crossover, Fear Itself.  In this story an ancient Asgardian god has awoken and sent hammers, much like Thor’s only slightly bigger, to some A, B and, C/D list characters turning them into walking embodiments of Asgardian baddies.

Over the last few days Marvel have released a teaser image entitled, The Mighty showing, presumably, Marvel characters that will be getting Asgardian weapons of their own to combat The Worthy.

Now by my count we have got Ms. Marvel, Iron Fist, Dr. Strange, Iron Ma, Wolverine, Valkyrie, SpiderWoman, Hawkeye, and SpiderMan in this teaser.  So, pretty typical event fare and it should make for a decent read.  But, according to press releases for Comic Con, Marvel will be announcing some new projects.  Teaser images have leaked for two of them and while I am honestly excited about the possibilities of these two characters getting their own books, I really like the design of  the images as well.  I’m a sucker for typefont images, what can I say.

Obviously we are looking at Iron Fist and Dr. Strange.  Two characters who deserve their own titles but have only been able to sustain limited runs before.  However, the recent Iron Fist started by Brubaker/Fraction with art by Aja was brilliant and was carried nicely by Duane Swierczynski after they left.  It really is a phenomenal book that everyone should check out.  Strange on the other hand has really only done well in minis as of late, the best being The Oath written by Brian K Vaughn with art by Marcos Martin.  If you haven’t checked that out you should, it’s great.

Hopefully Marvel can out together some solid creative teams and get these characters the books they deserve.  With movies for both being rumored, I’m sure Marvel want a good product to get those carryover sales.


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