Action Comics #001 Review

Action Comics #001
W – Grant Morrison
A – Rags Morales

I have made no secret about my general disinterest in anything that Grant Morrison writes. It’s not that he isn’t talented; his stories just don’t grab me the way they do other readers. For me, this book seemed like it was going to be the most challenging of the New DCU books. I love Superman. Just GD LOVE Superman. And I have since I was a kid, just like everyone else. So when Morrison took over the in-continuity title of one of my favorite characters, it gave me pause. The final verdict, I’m not sure. This issue really does nothing more than set up the players in Morrison’s world. We see Superman, Clark, Lois, Jimmy, Lex, the Metropolis PD, and we even get Lois’s father thrown in as well with the US military. For everything that happens, the last few pages are the only ones that matter. It’s a pretty decent cliffhanger that I won’t ruin for you. The best Morrison does here is with Luthor. He is just perfect and everything I want him to be.
The art is decent throughout with nothing amazing but nothing bad. I have always felt that the Superman books lacked the artistic punch that they needed however I have been away from the character for awhile so maybe I missed one here or there. Overall Rags will do a very good job with this book and that is all we can ask for.


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