Animal Man #001

Animal Man #001
W: Jeff Lemire
A: Travel Foreman

Animal Man has always been one of my favorite superheroes. He was always just so strange and on the outside of the regular DCU. Morrison did some great things with him that no one else picked up on and the character wailed in obscurity until recently. Now with this relaunch, he gets another chance to shine. And damn does he shine bright. Lemire has written an Animal Man that is instantly complex and interesting. A family man who has been out of the spotlight and doing things other than being a hero. His wife is contradictory, his kids don’t quite understand what he is and why things are the way they are. And he himself is a bit lost. But that all fades as Animal Man goes to help the police with a hostage situation at a local hospital. He gets in, uses his powers, and saves the day. There are complications however that would spoil the issue so I will leave them out. Just now that they set up the book and will be a hell of a ride if done correctly. The only gripes I have with the book are the art, I’m just not a huge Travel Foreman fan, and the fact that the police refer to Animal Man as A-Man. That bit of dialogue, while certainly realistic, reeks of douchebagery that is simply unnecessary in this book. Overall though, Animal Man is very good and well worth your time.


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