Batgirl #001

Batgirl #001
W: Gail Simone
A: Ardian Syaf

Batgirl #001 has surprised me quite a bit. Honestly, I was against the book when it was first announced. Taking away such an amazing character in Oracle seemed to be a big mistake. And it very well still may be. Issue one of this new series does nothing to answer the question of how Barbara Gordon can walk again. It certainly references the fact that she was in a chair even going so far as to show the exact scene from the Killing Joke that paralyzed her. But as far as even a hint of an answer, no. Now, the issue itself, well, damn if it isn’t very well done. Simone writes a Barbara that is fragile yet badass. There are some moments in this issue that are absolutely fantastic. She gives Barbara room to be shaky and unsure of herself, which is a nice change from most superhero titles. The supporting cast is well written and the scene with her father, Commissioner Gordon, is particularly great. The art, provided by Ardian Syaf, is very nice as well. Nothing super fancy, just really solid emotion and action. For me, this series will hinge entirely on how it is that Barbara can walk. For now, give this book a shot.


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