Detective Comics #001

Detective Comics #001
W: Tony Daniel
A: Tony Daniel

Wow! So apparently the New DCU won’t be a kinder, gentler place. This issue is brutal. If DC was looking to recapture the kids with this relaunch, this is not the book for them. Tony Daniel writes and draws a dirty, nasty Gotham City with an equally dirty and nasty Joker. The Joker has always been the best of Batman’s villains, according to popular opinion anyway. He is an incredibly complex character when done well. Not just a maniac but a maniac with a method to his madness. This issue sees a young Batman taking on a young Joker; one who already has quite a body count. We see him add another corpse to his count right away, a man wearing a mask made out of skin. Batman shows up and breaks up the party only to have to save a little girl and deal with the GCPD. In this new DCU, the police don’t trust Batman at all. The only one on his side is Commissioner Gordon. We get a nice interaction between these two that ends with the classic disappearing act. It’s a well done scene that gives the reader a great sense of how these two will interact with each other. Their conversation leads to a quick fight and the Joker being placed in the care of Dr. Arkham. I’m very excited to see how this plays out with the good doctor. The ending scene is very gory and really drives home the type of man this Joker is going to be. Daniel never goes too far and the writing and art play very well together. Overall, a very solid first issue.


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