Green Lantern #001

W: Geoff Johns
A: Doug Mahnke

Issue #001 of the new Green Lantern book is really solid. It’s not great, but really good. For those that don’t know, Hal Jordon is no longer a Green Lantern. Sinestro is once again a Green Lantern. (Read War of the Lanterns to catch up) Since the events of War of the Lanterns were not undone by the relaunch, we see the Guardians up to their shady business as usual. Dealing with their lack of control should be fun to watch over the coming months. Hal deals with everyday life and doesn’t do a very good job of it. There is a nice bit of interaction with Carol that sets the tone for Hal going forward. The cliffhanger was all to predictable but still got me excited for this story. Overall a very good read. Mahnke is solid on art minus one panel where Hal has a terrible smile. Other than that, his work is as good as always.


About GEEKwriter: Danny Ryan

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