Red Lanterns #001

W: Peter Milligan
A: Ed Benes

Well, that was a surprise. Going in to this book I was hopeful. I wanted very much to love it. But I was worried. Milligan has been somewhat hit or miss lately and handling a team book about a bunch of pissed off characters seemed a bit dodgy to me. However, any doubt I may have had has been erased. This book was great! Milligan introduces a sea-change to the Red Lanterns that makes perfect sense in my opinion. Atrocitus has become altogether interesting now. No longer is he a one-dimensional angry guy. I cannot wait to see where this goes. The art is very nicely done by Benes. He is always consistent and everything here just looks right. Do yourself a favor and grab this book.


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  1. Cool I’ll be giving this a shot a month later for the 1.99 price. Please tell me Rage Kitty sees some action. Loooooove Rage Kitty.

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