Frankenstein Agent of SHADE #01

W: Jeff Lemire
A: Alberto Ponticelli

I went in to this book thinking I was going to hate it. There really seemed to be nothing here that would make me want to read past issue one. And I was wrong. Not really, REALLY wrong mind you, just a bit wrong. I’ve seen this concept before in toys and comics by Todd McFarlane. And it fits in here simply because this is a new universe that has no rules. The concept is silly, Frankenstein as a badass agent, but no sillier than any other comic book. The writing is okay. I honestly expected better from Lemire as he is highly respected. Here he is just average. The characters feel off to me, like he isn’t sure who they are yet. This needs to change soon or else this title will be lost in the shuffle. The art on the other hand is downright bad. I do not know Ponticelli’s work other than this and I can safely say I will not be searching out any more. This type of book needs a very solid artist to make it work. Ponticelli is not that artist. Overall, quite surprising that I enjoyed this as much as I did.


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