Superboy #01

W: Scott Lobdell
A: Eric Canete

Full disclosure, I love Scott Lobdell. I’ve always been a really big fan of his writing and thought that he got the shaft for things that were beyond his control. Needless to say, I was super stoked to hear he would be writing Superboy for the relaunch. And it does not disappoint. Superboy has always been an interesting character in the DCU. The clone of Superman and Lex with the honest on the farm upbringing was a really good take. This version looks to continue the clone idea. We know that this new Superboy is partially cloned from Superman and an unknown donor. Is it Lex or is that too obvious? Either way it’s played very well here. The dialogue is right on, from the lab techs to the VR program central to the plot of this opening arc. I’m excited to see where Lobdell takes this story. The art by Canete is really nice as well. Very solid work that borders on being great. Pick this up. 8/10


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