Catwoman #01

W: Judd Winnick
A: Guillem March

Catwoman #01 has, so far, been the most challenging book for me to review. On the one hand I really like it. On the other, it upsets me, a lot. On the plus side, the book is very well done. Winnick has crafted a story that immediately draws the reader into Catwoman’s world. We are shown the dangers and excitement in her particular line of work. We meet an interesting new character, Catwoman’s fence, who seems like she will almost play the Alfred role in this title. There is a decent little mystery
to the plot that is good enough to stick around for at least the opening arc. The artwork is very nice if rather inconsistent. I’m not sure if there is some facial “tracing” going on but there are a few panels where Catwoman looks entirely different, especially around the lips. That small quirk aside, the art really is nice. It flows well; the action makes sense on the page, and the storytelling from panel to panel is nice. However, the ending of this book left me at something of a crossroads. Without completely spoiling the last few panels, Batman shows up and the last 20 or so years of fan fiction takes place right on
the page. Now, there is nothing gratuitous, nothing that needs to be censored. But, this issue clearly illustrates that comics are no longer for kids. And that is somewhat sad to me. I know the booked is rated T so little kids should not be reading it but I wonder what books are left for them. I know there are a few out there, like Tiny Titans for example, but mainstream proper comics, not really. I’m not sure if that is good or not. I appreciate that stories are being written for me and my age group. It concerns
me about the long term growth and health of the industry. Overall, this book was very good and worth a peek.


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