Nightwing #01

W: Kyle Higgins
A: Eddy Barrows

The first issue of Nightwing does a nice job of getting readers up to speed on what has been going on in Dick Grayson’s life. His time as Batman is mentioned, his parents death is discussed and plays an important role in the plot, and his prowess as an acrobat is shown quite nicely by Barrows. I’ve always loved when the movement of a character, the flips and jumps etc, were shown by the artist. It’s been done in tons of books and I believe it really adds to the action. Barrows has a very clean style that lends itself well to this type of book. While it is a “Batman” book, it’s not nearly as dark as the core Batman titles. What struck me as average was the writing. I’m usually a writing first kind of guy but the script here by Higgins didn’t do much for me. The mystery villain is pretty obvious and his motivations seem directly on the surface. And the fact that he calls Dick the “fiercest killer in all of Gotham” yet doesn’t recognize him because of a silly little eye mask seems really stupid to me. Villains are smart. Especially ones with a personal connection to the hero. This guy leaves a lot to be desired. That said, I’ll give this book a shot since I love Nightwing. The art is really good and the story doesn’t suck. Good enough for me.


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