We’ve left the building

But we moved to a new one! Dan and I loved doing this site, but thanks to life, the universe, and everything, we had to stop. But if you want to find us now, we’re part of Geekade.com now! I’m editor-in-chief, and Dan is our senior contributor.

I’m writing this because every couple of months I get an email telling me that someone has commented on one of our old articles, or that someone has stumbled on the site. It amazes me that folks still find this stuff, so I wanted to tell anyone who finds us that we’re still around, we’re still writing, and we’re pretty easy to find.

Dan writes a weekly article series called Why I Love Wrestling. It’s about why he loves wrestling. He’s great at naming things. He also writes a monthly series called Bits & Brews where he pairs video games with beer. He ALSO is the host of the Paper Cuts comic podcast, and my co-host on the Stone Age Gamer Podcast.

I’m the host of the Stone Age Gamer Podcast, which is Geekade’s video game podcast sponsored by StoneAgeGamer.com. I’m also the host of WaveBack, a video game music podcast, and I’m a co-host on This Week’s Episode, a TV podcast. I still write Lost In Time, as well as some other random articles for the site. And I do a monthly video series called Into the Vault where I highlight different weird things from my video game collection.

So if you liked theGEEKwriters, try some Geekade. And thanks for reading!


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  1. Just a note that I just went to the Geekade website linked and found nothing 😦

  2. Hmm. Not sure what the issue is there. The link seems to be working fine from my end. See if this works better. This is a link to Dan and my podcast, and you should be able to access the rest of Geekade from there. Either way, thanks for reading!



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