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We’ve left the building

But we moved to a new one! Dan and I loved doing this site, but thanks to life, the universe, and everything, we had to stop. But if you want to find us now, we’re part of now! I’m editor-in-chief, and Dan is our senior contributor.

I’m writing this because every couple of months I get an email telling me that someone has commented on one of our old articles, or that someone has stumbled on the site. It amazes me that folks still find this stuff, so I wanted to tell anyone who finds us that we’re still around, we’re still writing, and we’re pretty easy to find.

Dan writes a weekly article series called Why I Love Wrestling. It’s about why he loves wrestling. He’s great at naming things. He also writes a monthly series called Bits & Brews where he pairs video games with beer. He ALSO is the host of the Paper Cuts comic podcast, and my co-host on the Stone Age Gamer Podcast.

I’m the host of the Stone Age Gamer Podcast, which is Geekade’s video game podcast sponsored by I’m also the host of WaveBack, a video game music podcast, and I’m a co-host on This Week’s Episode, a TV podcast. I still write Lost In Time, as well as some other random articles for the site. And I do a monthly video series called Into the Vault where I highlight different weird things from my video game collection.

So if you liked theGEEKwriters, try some Geekade. And thanks for reading!


5 Great New Comics That Aren’t Part of Something Bigger

Between Fear Itself, Flashpoint, Spider-Island, and The New 52, there are a lot of high profile things happening in the world of comics these days. Some of it is very quality stuff, and some of it maybe not so much. But what about the rest of the world? I’ve decided to point my tiny spotlight towards a few other recent releases that may be worth your attention. Good books slip through the cracks all the time, right? Maybe you’ll find something new to read. Hit the jump to find out.   Read the rest of this entry

Help Release Portal 2 Early!

Okay, Valve has gone and done it. They have done something so incredibly cool that they have solidified themselves as one of the coolest gaming companies around. In an unprecedented level of awesomeness, Valve has announced that GLADOS from Portal will allow the early release of the hotly anticipated Portal 2 via Steam if enough people play some of the best indie games on the market today. No kidding.

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Doctor Who Series 6 Premiere Rocks NYC

Doctor Who has been around for years, and it seems that its popularity is finally catching on here in the US. For the first time ever, BBC America is broadcasting the new series of Doctor Who at the same time in both the US and UK, and we’ve never been so lucky. The powers that be decided to host a premiere event in NYC this past Monday featuring the first 2 episodes of Series 6, followed by a Q&A with the writers and cast. I was fortunate enough to attend the event. What did I think?

The stars of Doctor Who in front of their classy ride.

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GEEKreview: Tron: Legacy Soundtrack

What you see above is the official video for Derezzed. It’s just one of many absolutely amazing tracks on the original motion picture soundtrack for Tron: Legacy. With the original Tron existing as a cult classic at best, throwing a ton of money at a revitalization of the franchise was a huge risk. It was a very real possibility that a new Tron could be a complete disaster, and in order to reduce the chances of that happening, Disney would have to take several important steps. Hiring Daft Punk to provide the score was great start. Read the rest of this entry

Manufactured Demand

We’ve all heard the stores before about companies manufacturing demand, but this has to be one of the most shameless I’ve ever encountered.

They're having so much fun, aren't they? I bet they wish they could buy one!

I was on the phone earlier with a friend of mine who works at a major video game retailer, and I overheard a conversation he had with a customer. The woman came in and asked for Kinect and he told her that they were sold out. Of course she assumed that they were flying off shelves and that it was going to be impossible to get one. My friend corrected her by saying that even though they were selling relatively fast, his last shipment contained only 3 units so it’s tough to judge. Now, this is usually where the theory of manufactured demand comes in. As with all popular products if this type, it would stand to reason that Microsoft is purposefully limiting shipments so that this woman’s first instincts would seem correct. If every store you go to is sold out, it must be really amazing, right? I made a comment to my friend after the customer left, and what said me surprised me. Read the rest of this entry

That’s Not a Screen Shot, It’s a Painting

This is just one of many paintings by an artist named Adam Shub. This NY based painter is beginning to make a name for himself by recreating famous scenes from classic 8 and 16-bit video games on canvas. As you can see above, his work speaks for itself. Read the rest of this entry

I’m Just Saying…

That sure is something, isn’t it?

Stupid Ads!

Okay, quick rant here. I’m getting really sick of those internet ads that move the whole screen down. Every time I go to IGN for something the scrolling goes all bat-shit crazy because this stupid ad scrolls the whole website down and I can’t find what I’m looking for. Then, once I have found my link and I want to click on it, it scrolls back up. What a bunch of assholes! And now Destructiod is doing it too. Read the rest of this entry

Lost in Time: D/Generation

Of all the video games I know about, this one is perhaps the most unjustly obscure. This PC title from 1991 is a wonderful gem that suffered from poor marketing all around. To date, I only know 2 people besides myself that have even heard of D/Generation, and that’s shame. Featuring clever puzzles, bizarre enemy design, and some hilariously weird dialogue, it’s a mystery why more people haven’t played it. Read the rest of this entry