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Lego Ghostbusters! Tattoo!

This is my wife’s new Lego Ghostbusters tattoo.  It was done by the incredible Heather Maranda at Skinfinity Tattoo in Winter Haven Florida.  The best Ghostbusters tattoo ever!


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I want one!

posted by GW Dan
To open a new week here at theGEEKwriters, I would like to share with you the most amazing pet a geek could ever hope for. More awesome than a working K-9! Even cooler than a dinosaur named Dino! Perhaps equal to a robot named GIR! I present the cutest fucking AT-AT ever!

OMGWTFADORABLE! I would name him Walken and feed him and love him forever! On a serious note though, this is really awesome. I’m happy to live in a world where this exists.