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Sylvester McCoy reads the Pandorica speech!

At the recently ended DragonCon, Sylvester McCoy, the 7th Doctor, participated in a panel discussion. The panel’s host gave McCoy a copy of Matt Smith’s Pandorica speech to read for the crowd. Needless to say, it rocks and rolls!


New Sherlock footage!

If you haven’t seen the fantastic BBC Sherlock, drop what you are doing and watch the hell out of it right now.  It’s only three episodes and is on Netflix Instant.  Watched it?  Good.  With that out of the way check out the footage from the new season of Sherlock.  Set to hit screens later this year this clip appears to be taken from the “Hound of the Baskervilles” story.  Should be great.
Sherlock – First Footage – Series BBC [VO|HQ] by Lyricis


Walking Dead Season 2 promo!

Check out four minutes plus of Walking Dead goodness fresh from Comic-Con. Fuck and yes people!

Torchwood: Miracle Day trailer!

Torchwood, the amazing spin off from Doctor Who, has a new season debuting 7/8/11 on Starz. If you are completely unfamiliar with Torchwood the brass tacks version is this: They are a British special ops unit unsanctioned by the government but relied on to investigate the alien and off-center. The team is led by Capt. Jack Harkness, a former Time Agent made immortal by Rose Tyler and the time vortex in the season 1 finale of the rebooted Doctor Who. All of Torchwood is available on Netflix as a Watch Instantly selection and deserve your full attention. Season 3 in particular is possibly the best 5 episodes of serialized television I have ever seen. I highly suggest you check out all 3 seasons, 31 episodes total, before you dive into this new season. However, according to showrunner Russell T Davies, season 4 will be a complete jumping on point for those wholly unfamiliar with the show and its universe. Either way, check out the trailer and leave a comment below.

The Moff hath spoken!

In a recent interview Steven Moffat, show runner on Doctor Who, blasts so called “fans” for spoiling the new plotlines introduced by episodes 1 and 2 of the current Doctor Who season. Calling their acts “vandalism”, he asks that these people never watch his show again. Honestly I couldn’t agree more. Fuck spoilers and fuck the people who drop spoilers on the unsuspecting internet user. Now, if someone clicks on a post called Spoilers and is then upset that something was spoiled for them, well, that is completely on them. But that so often isn’t the case. Many people get a cheap thrill out of ruining things for others. I’ve never understood it and never will. Click the vid below to hear Moffat tell it in his own words.

11 Doctors, 6 minutes!

The Fine Brothers present a complete Doctor Who backstory!  All 11 Doctors explained in under 6 minutes with added Torchwood!  Want to know what all the fuss is about?  Check out this clip (or click here to watch in HD) and get ready for the Doctor Who premiere April 23rd!

Teenage Mutant Duckemon?

An awesome mashup is submitted for your approval.  Rock!

Old Greg crochet brings the funk!

Hands up if you know who Old Greg is.  If you do not you will click this link immediately and have your world officially rocked by the awesomeness of the Mighty Boosh!  Crafster user warheart has made this amazing Old Greg!  The accuracy is crazy.  She even included a bottle of Bailey’s!  Hit her link and check out her work.

Star Trek Girl…

Youtube user meekakitty has uploaded this special treat for Star Trek fans; a cute girl who seems to know her shit when it comes to the Trek.  I love James Tiberius as much as the next guy but have never been into Star Trek.  I am firmly on the dark side of the force in nerdy “Star” things.  But I know lots of geeks are into Star Trek way more so check it out.

Mario Paint Doctor Who theme!

Mario Paint remains an amazing example of what video games can do as an artform.  This version of the theme from Doctor Who is awesome!