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Mega Man + Portal = Awesome!

Mega Man with a Portal gun. Unfair? Perhaps. Badass? Definitely!


The Ballad of Mike Haggar

Epic does not do the above video justice. It is simply amazing. You need to watch this.

Super NintendoEmulatorSystem

You know, I had no idea that’s what NES really stood for. Check out this link to vigothecarpathian’s instrucables tutorial on how to turn your Super NES into an amazing portable gaming emulator. The work seems relatively easy to do and the end product is just fantastic. I want one. Check out the video below for a demo of the unit in action. Pure gaming bliss!

Batman Arkham City: The Riddler!

The Riddler remains one of my top two favorite Batman villains, the other being Two-Face. With both of the included in this game I am understandably excited. This game may be number one on my 2011 watch list, although MW3 is up there pretty high.
I have always believed the Riddler to be the most undervalued Batman villain. This trailer shows him to be the Jigsaw equivalent in Gotham and it works. Setting traps, leaving clues, being clever, all perfect for Mr. Nigma. What do you guys think?

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 1

So a little while ago this really cool Mortal Kombat thing hit the internet and people went crazy for it.  No one knew what it was or where it came from.  Fast forward to today and the first episode of the web exclusive Mortal Kombat series is live.  It’s awesome.  Watch the hell out of this and show some support.

Superhero Aprons!

The above apron is available from .  She also has a ton of cool patterns for other really geeky aprons.  Check her stuff out.

Geekiest thing ever?

This young man, who quite resembles Harry Potter, has made a video of himself playing the Tetris theme on an Ocarina IN GAME!  That is a level of geekery that is damn near incomprehensible.

Videogame history…

A cool little video showcasing the evolution and history of game consoles.  Not perfect but ambitious nonetheless.

Peach and Zelda come clean…

Every wonder what those wacky princesses talk about over coffee?  Well, here you go.


NES love…

I feel like this every time I see my top loader or a dog-bone controller.  But only for the NES.  I miss the simple days of youth where my main concern was beating Mega Man 2 in the “right” order.