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Mega Man + Portal = Awesome!

Mega Man with a Portal gun. Unfair? Perhaps. Badass? Definitely!


Super NintendoEmulatorSystem

You know, I had no idea that’s what NES really stood for. Check out this link to vigothecarpathian’s instrucables tutorial on how to turn your Super NES into an amazing portable gaming emulator. The work seems relatively easy to do and the end product is just fantastic. I want one. Check out the video below for a demo of the unit in action. Pure gaming bliss!

Retro gaming overload!

Sweden plays host to an even called RetroGathering.  From what I can understand it involves a ton of retro gaming machines on display/sale.  I looked around but really couldn’t find out much about the event.  It’s in Stockholm and seems to be annual.  Regardless, Flickr user liftarn has uploaded a really nice set of old school gaming pics.  Check them out here.