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Ghostbusters Re-Release

Got a free Thursday in October? Because if you do, you should run to your nearest theater and check out Ghostbusters on the bigscreen. That’s right, the original Ghostbusters is getting a theatrical re-release on Thursdays during the month of October. Ghostbusters is truly one of the greatest movies of all time. Everything about the movie is pitch perfect. For those of us tha never got to see this on the bigscreen this is going to be an amazing experience. Check out the recut trailer below. It’s got the soundtrack from Inception played behind the film clips and it is awesome!


Lego Ghostbusters! Tattoo!

This is my wife’s new Lego Ghostbusters tattoo.  It was done by the incredible Heather Maranda at Skinfinity Tattoo in Winter Haven Florida.  The best Ghostbusters tattoo ever!


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Whom are you going to telegram?

posted by GW Dan

The following is one of the most awesome videos I have ever seen on the internet, adult websites included. You are about to view a commercial for the League of Steam. They are a group of steampunk ghostbusters who have madcap adventures and post their videos online for all to enjoy. It is quite simply brilliant. Now, if you know nothing of steampunk then shame on you. It is consistently growing in popularity both as a means of story telling and as a design aesthetic. It is incredibly interesting from a visual standpoint infusing Victorian era costuming with steam powered technology. And if you know nothing of the Ghostbusters, well, this site isn’t for you (at least until you’ve watched the movie, then you’re cool). Ghostbusters is one of the funniest movies of all time. It is incredibly subtle in it’s humor requiring repeated viewings to get everything. The line, “Listen! You smell something?” was lost on me for years. Now it makes me happy every time I hear it. Go watch it again, after you view this video, and tell me I’m wrong, even though we both know I’m not.