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Teenage Mutant Duckemon?

An awesome mashup is submitted for your approval.  Rock!


Super Mario Bros. 3 DS?

Yeah, it is.  SKJmin has faithfully remade SMB3 using SMB DS.  It is a breath taking display of work.  The trailer is lengthy but absolutely worth the watch.  Make sure to click on the video and open the youtube link and read SKJmin’s info for a link to the project as well as some genral info.

The Big Morpheouski!

posted by GW Dan

This is truly great.  I have written about my love of the mashup before.  It really is an amazing thing people can do with completely different films.  This is a damn fine example.

Scott Pilgrim/Matrix mashup

posted by GW Dan

This is incredibly silly but really well done.

The first rule of Ferris Club…

posted by GW Dan

A simply brilliant cut of Ferris Bueller footage that turns Ferris into Cameron’s very own Tyler Durden.  Watch this now!