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Full Green Lantern costume.

In a word, yuck.  You can see his toes.  YOU CAN SEE HIS FUCKING TOES!  Are you shitting me?  Why?  It’s a goddamn superhero movie I don’t need reality.  What I need is a Green Lantern whose toes are not visible.  You know what I never thought about and you didn’t either, exactly what Kilowog’s toes looked like.  AND NOW IT’S ALL YOU CAN THINK ABOUT!  Jesus Christ bananas.


Dominic Cooper confirmed for Cap

posted by GW Dan

Dominic Cooper has been oficially confirmed to play Howard Stark, that’s Tony Stark’s dad, in the upcoming Captain America film.  This comes just a day after Tommy Lee Jones was confirmed for a role as well.  Cap is shaping up to be an awesome flick.  Based on the efforts of Marvel studios previously, these actors should knock it out of the park.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

posted by GW Dan

The first official trailer is up for HP&TDH and it looks incredible. There’s nothing else to say other than watch it!

X-Men: First Class

posted by GW Dan

Matthew Vaughn is set to direct X-Men: First Class and the cast is shaping up nicely. For those of you who don’t know Vaughn’s work he is the director of Kick-Ass, Stardust, and Layer Cake. I haven’t seen Stardust, time to update Netflix, but Layer Cake and Kick-Ass were superb. He was originally signed to direct X-Men 3 but dropped out and was replaced by Brett Ratner. Now, I like the X-Men films, not love them. I thought they were ok. But this has me excited. Young mutants dealing with their new powers and forging continuity free relationships is what this franchise needs. Wolverine: Origins was not a step in the right direction and it is time to reboot. Hopefully Fox leaves Vaughn alone enough to turn in a fine piece of summer action. The cast so far includes

James McAvoy – Professor X

Michael Fassbender – Magneto

Benjamin Walker – Beast

Amber Heard – Mystique (rumored)

Alice Eve – Emma Frost (rumored)

Rosamund Pike – Moira McTaggert (rumored)

All fine choices so far. Let’s hope these stick and we get a truly good film.

Marvel Mini Movies – Dr. Strange

posted by GW Dan

Marvel Comics and Disney are rumored to be leaning towards doing short films, think 10-15 minutes in length, to test the market for longer features of more obscure characters. Apparently the duo behind the new Conan film, said to be an excellent script, have been hired to write the adaptation. Neither writer, Thomas Donnelly or Joshua Oppenheimer, have a ton of experience but that ultimately doesn’t matter much. What matters is how they treat Dr. Strange as a character. I’ve always read Dr. Strange as kind of a dick. Not on purpose, just impatient with silliness and very focused. Couple that with all the odd that a story involving magic can bring and you have a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, and what has me excited, is that one, comic movies are on the way up in terms of quality and budget, and two, magic can be done right see Potter, Harry. Not knowing how much backstory could be included in in a 15 minute feature, I can’t imagine they are going to spend too much time with Dr. Strange as a surgeon. Hopefully we get Dr. Strange, Wong, a few spells, and maybe some Dormammu. But who to cast? Well, here’s what I came up with.

Dr. Strange:
Dream pick – Daniel Day Lewis or Jude Law
Reality pick – Adrien Brody
– I really would love to see either Lewis or Law in this role. Both actors would do a phenomenal job with the depth of material available. In reality, it will probably be someone like Adrien Brody, who I think would do a good job, or the already rumored Patrick Dempsey, eugh!

Dream pick – Chow Yun Fat
Reality pick – Daniel Dae Kim (Lost)
– Chow Yun Fat is the perfect choice for Wong. A badass mentor who is quietly as dangerous as Dr. Strange himself. In reality, Disney seems tied to a lot of Lost actors recently so Kim seems like a fit.

Dream pick – CGI with a cobra commander style voice
Reality pick – Viggo Mortensen
– There really is no way to properly convey Dormammu with a physical actor. He’s just too much; which is probably why he won’t be the villain and someone like Baron Mordo will. That being said, I read him with a Cobra Commander style voice so that’s my pick. In reality someone like a Viggo could maybe pull this off.

That’s what I got. Leave a comment with your suggestions or criticisms, or acknowledgements of my awesomeness.