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R2D2 Lamp

Check out this instructable on an awesome R2D2 lamp. Looks super easy and really nice when it’s all done.


Lightsabers make everything better!

Honestly, is there anything cooler than a lightsaber?  Who has ever seen a star wars thing and not wanted one?  And then when you put them into a different context they get even better!  Dammit I want a real one!  There are plenty of examples on youtube of lightsaber mashups but these are two of the best.

Life is good!


Things like this make me happy to be alive.  Star Wars is awesome.  Chicks with tattoos are awesome.  Chicks with tattoos wearing R2D2 bathing suits are amazing!  Really, what more do you want?  Full res version hosted on geekologie here.

Star Wars papercraft

A link to this video showed up in my inbox over the weekend.  It’s sender? My beautiful wife. She really is awesome. Anyway, check out this stunning papercraft retelling of the original Star Wars trilogy with backing music by Jeremy Messersmith.

Return of the Jedi deleted scene

posted by GW Dan

At the Celebration V gathering in Florida, a new scene was premiered from Return of the Jedi.  This scene will be included on the BluRay release of the Star Wars saga.  That’s right, all six Star Wars films on Blu in one box.  Three guesses as to one of the most popular gifts of the 2011 holiday season.

Dress like a wookie.

posted by GW Dan

Adidas has been doing a line of Star Wars inspired clothing.  Most of it has been of the modern awful hipster bullshit variety.  This however, is pretty sweet.

Awww, I want this.

I don’t spend a lot of time on Etsy but perhaps I should.  Seen here is an R2D2 knit hat from Etsy seller craftandcrochet.  This is super cool and extra geeky.  It’s only $22.50 and will be made in 2-3 days.  At the price, you kind of have to get one.  Hit the link for the Etsy page and support.

R2D2 knit cap

Holy Shit LEGO!

10212 Imperial Shuttle (1) by Dunechaser.
(image from Gizmodo)

This is the newest holy grail of LEGO Star Wars collecting. Following the Millennium Falcon, and Death Star sets, the Imperial Shuttle will hit this fall for probably over $250.