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Ghostbusters Re-Release

Got a free Thursday in October? Because if you do, you should run to your nearest theater and check out Ghostbusters on the bigscreen. That’s right, the original Ghostbusters is getting a theatrical re-release on Thursdays during the month of October. Ghostbusters is truly one of the greatest movies of all time. Everything about the movie is pitch perfect. For those of us tha never got to see this on the bigscreen this is going to be an amazing experience. Check out the recut trailer below. It’s got the soundtrack from Inception played behind the film clips and it is awesome!


Walking Dead Season 2 promo!

Check out four minutes plus of Walking Dead goodness fresh from Comic-Con. Fuck and yes people!

Paul trailer

Simon Pegg is without a doubt one of the coolest geeks on the planet.  Throw in frequent co-star Nick Frost, Jason Bateman, and an alien voice by Seth Rogen and you’ve got one of the funniest movies of 2011 for sure.

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon trailer!

Completely horse-shit title aside I am very excited for this movie.  Say what you will about the first two Transformers films, and enough really has been said, but I loved them.  Giant robots kicking the hell out of each other while hot girls run around?  I’m in there like swimwear.  This teaser sets up the story in a really nice and dramatic way that seems obvious now.  To my knowledge, there isn’t another popular story that deals with the twenty one minutes of dark experienced when Buzz Aldren and crew walked on the moon.  Why couldn’t there be some crazy big alien robot?

For everyone who despises Mike Bay, and really he isn’t making movies for you anyway, rest easy knowing that this is his last entry in the franchise.  Make no mistake dear readers, there will be more Transformers films.  Like Spider-Man or anything Disney they are a license to print money.  They are easy to enjoy summer popcorn flicks.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  Perhaps a new director will jump behind the camera and produce a truly great piece of cinema.  I rather salivate at the prospect of Neill Blomkamp, District 9, getting the assignment.  But until that time, don’t turn the Transformers into art.  Simply enjoy.

Teaser for Dirk Gently!

The BBC have released a teaser trailer for Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.  If that title means nothing to you feast your peepers on this.  Dirk Gently is the star of two novels, one matching the above title and the other being Long, Dark, Tea Time of the Soul, written by Douglas Adams.  Adams of course is most famous for the five book Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy which has had many different versions created for pop culture consumption with the most recent being the Hollywood version staring Martin Freeman of The Office and now The Hobbit.  The Dirk Gently series has never seemed to be quite as popular as Hitchhiker and that’s a shame.  Tea Time is utterly brilliant.  The story is completely mad in the way that only Adams could produce.  I have not finished the first Dirk novel but it is on the list.  This series marks the first entry into television for Dirk and from this 30 second trailer it looks great.

Harry Potter XXX?

Well no, not really.  However, this clever recut of Potter footage shows that with a little editing, a story about a boy wizard can become a story about the love between an old wizard and a boy.  Eww.

Green Lantern trailer!

I really want to like this film.  Honestly, I do.  I am a huge GL fan.  The GL stable of books is currently one of the very best on the market in both writing and art.  The potential for a truly great franchise is there just waiting to be realized.  But, this is Warner Bros. we are talking about.  While they certainly have handled some franchises remarkably well, Harry Potter and the Nolan Batman films for example, there are others that unequivocally fell short of expectations, the Superman reboot/sequel and the Matrix trilogy come to mind.  That being said Green Lantern is basically an outer space buddy cop movie.  That’s a pretty hard premise to screw up.  I don’t love the casting of Ryan Reynolds as Hal.  I like Reynolds enough, just not as a guy who possesses ultimate willpower.  The CG looks good for characters like Kilowog and Abin Sur but the costume still looks terrible to me.  Judge for yourself in the trailer below.

Wind in the Willows trailer

posted by GW Dan

Here is the first teaser for WETA’s, the effects company behind the Lord of the Rings movies, Wind in the Willows.  Super dark and kind of creepy and I love it.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

posted by GW Dan

The first official trailer is up for HP&TDH and it looks incredible. There’s nothing else to say other than watch it!