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Make no mistake, I love the Wu-Tang clan. Up From the 36 Chambers is one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time. The style they imparted to the hip-hop genre is nothing short of remarkable. And one of the elements they incorporated into their music, kung-fu, happens to be one of my favorite film genres in the history of ever. I spent many Saturdays watching old-school Shaw Bros. productions on the local cable access channels. They would show two or three flicks and it was sheer bliss. Chinese Super Ninja remains one of my favorite films to this date.
Now, RZA has been rumored to be working on some sort of kung-fu flick for quite some time. Apparently, he is ready to unleash his work on the world. Behold the ass-kicking awesomeness of Wu-Tang vs The Golden Phoenix!

Man that looks incredible. Old-school actors, choreography, camera-work and sensibilities. I cannot wait for this.


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