GEEKreview: Tron: Legacy Soundtrack

What you see above is the official video for Derezzed. It’s just one of many absolutely amazing tracks on the original motion picture soundtrack for Tron: Legacy. With the original Tron existing as a cult classic at best, throwing a ton of money at a revitalization of the franchise was a huge risk. It was a very real possibility that a new Tron could be a complete disaster, and in order to reduce the chances of that happening, Disney would have to take several important steps. Hiring Daft Punk to provide the score was great start.

No matter how you feel about the movie, there's no denying this soundtrack is something special.

The Tron: Legacy soundtrack consists of 22 tracks, plus 2 bonus tracks if you buy it on iTunes. The album starts off with a few lighter songs to set the mood and lay the foundation for what’s to come. With the exception of the bizarre inclusion of a monologue by Jeff Bridges over the beginning of “The Grid”, what follows plays out more like a traditional movie score than your typical soundtrack, with no lyrics to any of the songs. The album as a whole is better because of it.

The audio is a mixture of traditional orchestral sounds and Daft Punk’s own unique brand of techno effects. The result is some of the most breathtaking music I’ve heard in some time. Tracks like “Derezzed”, the album’s single release, sound more like the type of music Daft Punk has become known for, but overall this record is chock full of some very interesting arrangements. The reoccurring themes and drum rhythms featured in tracks like “The Game Has Changed” are guaranteed to stick with you.

Daft Punk, as they appear in a very cool scene in Tron: Legacy

Another cool aspect is that it works for more than just the movie it was intended for. You could be listening to this while doing dishes, and you will feel like those are the most important dishes you’ve ever done. While it’s always good for a movie soundtrack to remind you of the film it’s attached to, it’s very refreshing to see something this versatile. Dat Punk has truly outdone themselves.

I can’t speak highly enough about this soundtrack. If you have even a passing interest in electronic music, this should be required listening. It’s that good. The Tron: Legacy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is available now on iTunes for $9.99.


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